AI Seed Phrase Finder with Bitcoin Private Key Generator powered by Supercomputer & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC

The AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC is an innovative application designed to prevent the loss of access to Bitcoin wallets. Leveraging advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques, this program efficiently analyzes vast amounts of data to pre-train AI models. Consequently, it generates and searches for mnemonic phrases that grant access to abandoned Bitcoin wallets holding nonzero balances. With the “AI Seed Finder tool for Windows PC”, locating a complete 12-word seed phrase for a specific Bitcoin wallet becomes effortless. Even if you possess only partial knowledge of the mnemonic phrase or individual words comprising it, this tool can swiftly identify the entire seed phrase. Furthermore, by providing the address of a specific Bitcoin wallet you wish to regain access to, the program narrows down the search area. This targeted approach significantly enhances the program’s efficiency and reduces the time required to ascertain the correct mnemonic phrase.

AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC

You’ve probably heard of people who accidentally lost or forgot the seed phrases from their cryptocurrency wallets and thus forever lost access to their bitcoins. Now there is a solution that will help you avoid the same fate and even find abandoned bitcoin wallets with positive balances for various reasons!

With the help of the program, you can quickly find a seed phrase for a Bitcoin wallet if you only know part of this seed phrase or part of the words it consists of (words can be specified in the correct or arbitrary order). Specifying the Bitcoin wallet address that needs to be restored allows the program to narrow down the search area and focus on a specific wallet. This significantly increases the efficiency of the program and reduces the time it takes to determine the correct seed phrase.

The program has a special mode in which it generates seed phrases in real-time based on various methods and algorithms of artificial intelligence, then checks them for validity and, after processing valid word combinations with the “checker” module, writes mnemonic phrases to a text file for wallets with a balance of cryptocurrency “BTC” greater than zero.

This mode allows you to mass find seed phrases for bitcoin wallets that have long been inaccessible to their owners, opening up certain possibilities for users of the “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” program.

Using modern technologies and optimized algorithms, the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC program provides fast and accurate generation of seed phrases for bitcoin wallets with positive balances. This makes it an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the search for other people’s bitcoin wallets to gain access to the funds in them.
It is important to acknowledge that the process hack Bitcoin wallet, such as the “Electrum” wallet, is both unethical. Engaging in such activities can lead to severe legal consequences in some countries. This article serves as an informative piece, aiming to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with Bitcoin wallets and the importance of implementing strong security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Also from this article you will see an example of how to protect your wallet by adding arbitrary words to the seed phrase that are not in the BIP39 dictionary.


The “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” program is an innovative and efficient tool designed specifically for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence technologies, this unique software has the ability to detect and recover seed phrases for Bitcoin wallets.

One of the main functional features of the program is the ability to mass-create mnemonic phrases. In this mode, the program automatically generates a huge number of possible combinations of seed phrases, significantly increasing the likelihood of successfully restoring access to lost bitcoin wallets. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the program analyzes various options and finds the most probable seed phrases, thereby reducing the time and effort expended on this process.

As a result, the user of the program constantly receives lists of seed phrases for bitcoin wallets that contain a certain amount of bitcoin as a balance. The user has the ability to transfer funds from all wallets to their own wallet, but they must understand whether they need it or not. The question of conscience and ethical norms.

The second mode of the “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” program – “AI_Target_Search_Mode” – offers the ability to find a 12-word mnemonic phrase intended for the recovery of a specific, let’s say, “fat Bitcoin wallet”. If you only know some words in the correct or random order, this program is capable of finding the complete set of seed phrase words for a specific wallet. If you provide the wallet address, the search process will take only a few hours.

As a result, “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” becomes an essential tool for anyone looking to effectively manage their bitcoins and possibly regain access to lost bitcoin wallets of others over the past 14 years. The combination of modern technologies and artificial intelligence in this program allows for the automation of complex processes and saves time and effort for users.

Detailed explanation of the mechanism and algorithm of operation of “AI-Mode” —  the first mode of the “AI Seed Phrase Finder” program

The first mode “AI_MODE” in the program “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” is designed for automatic generation of unique seed phrases for Bitcoin wallets and subsequent balance checking on them. This function is developed for Bitcoin enthusiasts who are searching for existing wallets and want to find out information about their balance access and “more…”.

The algorithm of operation of mode 1 “AI_MODE” consists of the following steps:

  1. The program generates seed phrases that can be associated with Bitcoin wallets. Seed phrases consist of 12 words chosen from a specific dictionary. Various combinations are created from this dictionary to obtain a variety of options.
  2. The generated seed phrases undergo a validation process using specific algorithms. This allows invalidly formed seed phrases to be excluded and focus only on potentially functioning Bitcoin wallets.
  3. After the validation, the program analyzes each seed phrase for the presence of funds in the Bitcoin wallet. To do this, it connects to the Bitcoin blockchain network and uses special requests to obtain information about the balance of each wallet.
  4. To successfully filter and search for seed phrases of Bitcoin wallets with a positive balance, this software system applies efficient and optimized algorithms. Its functioning is carried out alongside the use of special Bitcoin blockchain network APIs, which provide access to balance information for each wallet. The software system efficiently processes a multitude of seed phrases, verifying their validity and requesting balance information only for wallets that have successfully passed previous filters. This significantly increases the speed of the search and filtering process, saving time and resources.

How does the second mode, “AI_Target_Search_Mode” of the “AI Seed Phrase Finder” program, work?

The second mode of the “AI_Target_Search_Mode” program was created to find a unique 12-word phrase needed to recover a specific bitcoin wallet, such as “your wealthy Boss”. Users can also use this mode to search for old abandoned wallets that may contain a large amount of bitcoins.

To find a mnemonic phrase based on partially known words, “AI_Target_Search_Mode” applies various mathematical and other methods. The program analyzes the entered words and generates possible combinations, excluding incorrect options as it searches.

Using artificial intelligence, the program’s algorithm relies on a database that contains mnemonic phrases in the correct order. The algorithm checks the known words against this database and reduces the number of possible combinations.

When the mnemonic phrase is searched in random order, the algorithm iterates through all possible combinations and compares them with the database. This process is based on an efficient search algorithm that uses various mathematical methods to speed up the process.

The “AI_Target_Search_Mode” program allows users to discover the mnemonic phrase to recover a specific bitcoin wallet and gain access to its contents. This can be useful for finding abandoned wallets that may contain large amounts of bitcoins. Recovering such wallets can bring significant benefits to users and provide access to “long-forgotten assets” in the cryptocurrency space.

Real examples of how to find or obtain part of the seed phrase for a “fat bitcoin wallet”

In order to use the “AI_Target_Search_Mode” mode, you will need to find out by any possible means a part of the words from the seed phrase of the wallet to which you want to gain full access. Here logic, life experience, and these certain examples will help you:

  1. Social engineering: the use of deception or manipulation to obtain information from the subject.
  2. Phishing attack: creating fake websites or emails that aim to obtain personal data from the victim.
  3. Installing malware on the victim’s computer to intercept the words entered by it, for example, any keylogger.
  4. Using weak passwords or reused passwords to gain access to other victim’s accounts. The databases are easy to find on the Darknet.
  5. Hacking other online platforms that may store account information or target passwords. Such information is also sold on specialized forums
  6. Sniffing network traffic to detect information about wallets or target passwords.
  7. Using malware to capture keyboard input data from the target (hypothetical victim).
  8. Using open information about the target, such as date of birth or place of work, to attempt to guess their password.
  9. Bribing or blackmailing the target to obtain a password or part of a seed phrase.
  10. Hacking the target’s email and using the available data to obtain part of a seed phrase.
  11. Using social networks to search for information about the target that can help in guessing a password or part of a seed phrase.
  12. Interception of SMS messages or other forms of communication containing wallet or password information.
  13. Identification of vulnerabilities or weaknesses in wallet security to gain access to part of the seed phrase.
  14. Physical access to the victim’s computer or device to obtain information about wallets and passwords.
  15. Use of malware to intercept secret keys from the victim, providing access to the seed phrase.

Target Mode description

So why is it beneficial for a user to purchase any version of this program and use the mass search mode? The answer is simple. The program uses artificial intelligence to analyze and scan a large number of seed phrases associated with Bitcoin wallets. As a result, the program can find wallets with remaining Bitcoins, which the user can then withdraw to their own wallet.

Upon completion of the “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” program in bulk seed phrase generation mode, you will have an “Output” file containing multiple presumed seed phrases for different Bitcoin wallets. To utilize the contents of this file and access the available funds in these wallets, please follow these steps:

In bulk generation mode:

  • Open the file “AI_Wallets_Seed.log” in the “Output” directory and review the list of seed phrases generated by the program.
  • Select the desired seed phrase to use. This could be a phrase for your own Bitcoin wallet or for someone else’s wallet.
  • Install bitcoin wallet software using the found seed phrase, for example the “Electrum” application. Read the instructions for the software to learn how to add a new wallet using the seed phrase or watch a video tutorial on the YouTube channel. Finding it won’t be difficult using a regular search query with the program name.
  • After adding the wallet to the software, you will be able to access the funds associated with that wallet. Study the software instructions to learn how to transfer bitcoins from this wallet to another (a very simple method of covering tracks that few people know about. For Premium users of the program, the instructions are provided as a bonus).

If you are using the “AI_Target_Search_Mode”:

  • Open the file generated by the program located in the “Output” folder and find the list of mnemonic phrases consisting of 12 words.
  • Please clarify whether you are familiar with any words from the list or if you believe they are included in the mnemonic phrase you are looking for. If yes, then confidently enter them in the respective input field in the program interface.
  • Launch the program “AI_Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker Tool for Windows PC” in “AI_Target_Search_Mode”. Enter known or presumed words as input.
  • The program will search and analyze hundreds of thousands or even billions of potential combinations of mnemonic phrases to find the one you are looking for, without taking up much time.
  • When the program finds a mnemonic phrase that meets the specified criteria, it will display it on the screen and write it to the text file “Target_FinderGen.log” located in the “Output” directory. You can use this mnemonic phrase to recover the Bitcoin wallet associated with it and access the funds in it.

Please note that it is illegal to use found seed phrases without the permission of their owners. It is recommended to use the “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” program only for legitimate purposes and with the written permission of the Bitcoin wallet owner.

Easy way to find lost BTC wallets with AI seed phrase Finder

Why is it so much easier to crack Bitcoin’s mnemonic phrase with AI than it is to crack the private key?

When it comes to cracking Bitcoin’s mnemonic phrase rather than brute-force guessing the private key, the first option is significantly easier due to the nature of AI attacks. Although both approaches involve the detection of sensitive information, the specific vulnerabilities and attack vectors differ significantly.

A Bitcoin mnemonic phrase, also known as a seed phrase, is a list of words used to generate a wallet’s private key and public addresses. It provides a convenient and intuitive way to backup and restore wallets. However, this approach has inherent disadvantages compared to full private key guessing.

1. Duration and difficulty:

The Electrum wallet Bitcoin mnemonic phrase usually consists of 12 words selected from a well-known list. This limited pool of words allows the AI algorithms to recalculate all possible combinations and check them for potential wallet matches and record the seed phrases for these wallets in the text file “AI_Wallets_Seed.log”.

On the other hand, the private key is a 256-bit random number, providing a virtually infinite number of possibilities. Guessing a private key involves checking all possible values in this huge key space, which requires much more computational resources. Therefore, the developers of the program “AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC” have chosen a more optimal method of gaining access to forgotten Bitcoin wallets through a phrase seed, which is much more effective than trying to generate a private key to a Bitcoin address according to criteria preset for processing by artificial intelligence .

2. Man-made templates:

People tend to unintentionally follow patterns and biases when creating mnemonic phrases. For example, they may select words that are conceptually related or appear sequentially in a word list. AI algorithms also use this as templates, which greatly reduces the search space, thereby making it easier to find matches.

Private keys, on the other hand, are generated using cryptographic algorithms that create random numbers, providing a more secure and unpredictable result. The lack of human-created patterns makes it much more difficult for AI to decipher or predict the value of a private key.

3. Computing resources:

Artificial Intelligence attacks use the power of modern GPUs and cloud computing resources to quickly search through a large number of potential seed phrases, which significantly speeds up the process of hacking a Bitcoin wallet using the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC, allowing it to test many combinations per second, which significantly increases the chances of finding the match desired by the user of the program.

On the other hand, enumerating a private key requires enormous computational resources and time. As mentioned earlier, a private key has a huge key space, making it computationally impossible to perform an exhaustive search in a reasonable amount of time.

Hacking Bitcoin mnemonic phrases using artificial intelligence is easier compared to brute-forcing private keys due to their shorter and less complex nature, the presence of human-generated templates, and the presence of significant computing resources. It is important for users to be aware of these vulnerabilities and take additional measures to ensure the security of their Bitcoin wallets.


The role of artificial intelligence in the AI Seed Phrase Finder?

The AI Seed Phrase Finder tool and BTC balance checker for Windows PC includes artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency of finding mnemonic phrases exclusively for Bitcoin wallets with a positive account balance. The main task of this program is to identify and filter out obviously unnecessary seed phrases, thus optimizing the search process and increasing overall performance.

The power of AI lies in its ability to learn and adapt based on patterns and data analysis. Using advanced algorithms, the AI Seed Phrase Finder tool and BTC balance checker can quickly analyze a vast number of seed phrases and determine those that are likely associated with Bitcoin wallets with a balance greater than zero.

Thanks to a combination of machine learning and neural networks, AI in this tool can recognize various patterns and characteristics commonly found in legitimate bitcoin wallets. These patterns include specific words, phrases, and combinations of symbols typically used in seed phrases, as well as other important factors such as wallet addresses and transaction history.

The AI Seed Phrase Finder tool and BTC balance checker utilize a scoring system that assigns a probability score to each seed phrase based on its likelihood of being associated with a bitcoin wallet with a positive account balance. The AI constantly learns from new data and adjusts its scoring criteria, becoming more accurate over time.

By filtering out obviously unnecessary initial phrases, such as random word combinations or phrases that do not match expected patterns, the AI Seed Phrase Finder tool and BTC balance checker significantly narrow down the search space. This allows users to focus on seed phrases that are more likely to yield positive results, saving time and resources.

It is important to note that the AI Seed Phrase Finder tool and BTC balance checker do not guarantee a successful hack of Bitcoin wallets. Its purpose is to help users narrow down the search for mnemonic phrases that are more likely to be associated with Bitcoin wallets with a positive balance. The tool should be used responsibly and ethically, adhering to all legal and ethical standards related to cybersecurity and digital asset management.

It is important to note that the integration of artificial intelligence into the AI Seed Phrase Finder tool and the BTC balance checking tool revolutionizes the process of finding mnemonic phrases exclusively for bitcoin wallets with a balance greater than zero. The ability of AI to filter out clearly unnecessary initial phrases increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool, providing users with a valuable resource in their efforts to manage and protect their bitcoin assets.

hack bitcoin seed phrase with AI

You can see the program in action and the results it generates in this short and lengthy videos, which shows the entire process of searching for seed phrases for bitcoin wallets with positive balances. The video showcases the program’s functionality in three AI-search modes and provides a visual comparison of the three program versions based on the type of license.

You can also study in detail and personally double-check all the seed phrases seen in this full screen recording video demonstrating the program’s operation.

As mentioned earlier, the AI Seed Phrase Finder program operates in next two modes:

AI Mode designed for mass generation and subsequent validation of seed phrases for real bitcoin wallets. After that, the “checker” module filters the seed phrases from the list received from the “validator” module and writes to a text file a list of seed phrases for wallets with balances greater than zero. This mode is also available in the Light version of the program, which uses minimal auxiliary computing power of servers used to ensure the functioning of the AI Seed Phrase Finder project.

AI mode of AI seed phrase finder toolsearch results for the premium version of the program for searching mnemonic phrases

Target Mode is available to users who have a valid license key for the Premium feature, which is used to search for the entire seed phrase for a Bitcoin wallet that needs to be recovered, having only a portion of the mnemonic phrase consisting of several words in the correct sequence or a portion of words in any sequence. Both search conditions can be combined into one to speed up the process of finding the necessary seed phrase if the user of the program, for example, knows only a portion of the words in the correct sequence and a portion of the words in an arbitrary order. To speed up the search process for such a mnemonic phrase, it is recommended to specify the Bitcoin wallet address that needs to be recovered (the balance of the specified Bitcoin address should be greater than zero).

Description of the program AI Seed Phrase Finder interface

After unpacking the program archive, you need to follow simple instructions to start the program. Make sure that you have an active Internet connection, as it is necessary to check the validity of the license key. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Run AISeedFinder.exe.
  2. Register. Use your Telegram username as your login.
  3. Create a strong password: use uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers.
  4. Open the file: License key.txt and copy the code.
  5. Enter the license key code for the program.

Entering a login and password when launching a program is necessary for user authentication and ensuring the security of program access. This ensures that only registered users have access to the program’s functionality and its results. It is also necessary for user authentication and preventing unauthorized access to the program. This adds an additional level of protection and ensures the confidentiality of user data.

Upon completion of the authorization procedure, the main interface of the program opens, consisting of three windows for monitoring the program’s operation. These are 3 log monitoring windows for the AI_Generator, AI_Validator, and Checker BTC balance modules. The program interface also includes indicators of internet connection to servers, a progress bar for loading the necessary data and module updates, support service contacts, the current license type, and a menu with some user-friendly settings. Each of the module work logs: generator, validator, and checker can be opened and viewed using the “Open” button located next to each module window, respectively.

In the AI Seed Phrase Finder with BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC program, the previously mentioned modules work as follows:

  1. Seed phrase generation: The program uses AI algorithms to mass-generate words from the BIP-39 dictionary, which make up the seed phrases. This is done on remote high-tech equipment, which ensures high performance and operational efficiency (more details will be written later).
  2. Seed phrase validation: The generated mnemonic phrases are then checked for their correctness and compliance with the “bitcoin seed phrase” format. This allows for the exclusion of incorrectly generated seed phrases and increases the likelihood of finding real bitcoin wallets.
  3. Balance check: After validating the seed phrase, it is checked by a checker for a positive balance on the corresponding Bitcoin wallets. The program uses public blockchain data for this, which contains information about the balances of all Bitcoin addresses. This allows to determine if there are funds on the wallet associated with the generated seed phrase.

It is important to note that the main operations are performed on remote equipment, not on your computer. Your computer receives the program’s results on encrypted servers and after decryption, it displays them to you in the corresponding logs in real time. This significantly reduces the load on your computer and ensures efficient data processing.

To ensure the security and confidentiality of data, all transmitted data between your computer and remote equipment is encrypted using special encryption algorithms. This guarantees that your data is protected from unauthorized access and interception, as described in detail at the end of this article.

It is important to note that the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool does not transmit the results of module operation to anyone. All data remains only on your computer and does not intersect with other program users. No information is sent to remote servers or cloud storage. All module results remain strictly private and accessible only to you.

Description of the main elements of the program interface with logs: generator, validator, checker.

For convenient and reliable logging of the work of AI seed phrase finder tool computational servers and the current result of module operation, advanced techniques and methods are used. Here’s how it works:

  1. Multithreading: the program algorithm efficiently manages computational servers and program modules by running each of them in a separate thread. This allows for parallel execution of various tasks, such as seed phrase generation, validation, and checking for positive balances. This maximizes the efficient use of server resources and reduces operation execution time.
  2. Asynchrony: To process large amounts of data and perform server operations, an asynchronous programming method is used. This allows multiple tasks to be executed simultaneously without blocking the main program thread. For example, the mnemonic phrase generator module works asynchronously, generating seed phrases in parallel with other necessary operations. As a result, the program’s performance is significantly improved, and the waiting time for results is reduced.
  3. Logging: Special logging libraries are used to record program logs. These libraries allow for recording information about the program’s operation, including generated seed phrases, validation results, and positive balance checks. Logs are saved in text files in the “output” folder. This allows the user to view the log at any time and see a list of seed phrases that were generated as a result of the program’s operation.
  4. Buffering: Buffering is used to process large volumes of data. For example, the results of the mnemonic phrase generator are temporarily saved in a buffer and then written to the program log in batches while also being passed to the validator and then the seed phrase checker. This optimizes program performance and reduces server load.
  5. Monitoring: The monitoring system is used to track the current status of the program and servers, allowing the user to display real-time statistics of program operations, such as seed phrase generation and validation speeds, as well as track the current results of module operations. This helps to promptly respond to any issues and ensure seamless program performance.

All of these techniques and methods allow for effective monitoring of the AI computational servers’ performance and seamless logging of the AI Seed Phrase Finder Tool program’s operations, enabling the user to view the log and see a list of generated seed phrases at any time to stay updated on the current status of the program’s operations.

How the process of finding mnemonic phrases for BTC wallets works with AI Seed Phrase Finder

The first step in the AI Seed Phrase Finder program is optimizing the process of generating seed phrases. Instead of enumerating all possible combinations of words from a dictionary, the program uses an AI model that predicts the most probable combinations of words that a valid mnemonic phrase should consist of. The model is based on the studied dependencies between known seed phrases and Bitcoin wallets, which reduces the number of combinations that would need to be checked by the user when using the “classic Brute Force method”.

Furthermore, the AI Seed Phrase Finder uses parallel data processing to speed up the process: the task is divided into multiple parts that are processed simultaneously on different servers. This significantly reduces the task execution time and greatly improves the program’s efficiency.

Optimizing the artificial intelligence model is another important step in the AI Seed Phrase Finder program’s algorithm, as the AI optimizes the model’s parameters to improve its speed and efficiency. In some cases, the program may need to use lighter models and apply other optimization methods to speed up the data processing process. This is described in more detail later in this same article.

AI Seed Phrase Finder utilizes pre-trained models, saving time and computational resources required to train a model from scratch. Pre-trained models have already been trained on a large volume of data, ensuring high accuracy in predicting correct word combinations in seed phrases and speeding up the program’s workflow.

One of the key features of AI Seed Phrase Finder is the use of various machine learning algorithms and methods. For example, the program can use genetic algorithms if necessary, to effectively explore the space of possible word combinations and select the most suitable options. This enables achieving optimal results in the shortest possible time.

For distributed computing and execution of tasks on multiple servers, AI Seed Phrase Finder utilizes powerful frameworks such as Apache Spark and TensorFlow. This allows tasks to be divided into multiple parts and executed concurrently on multiple servers, significantly enhancing program performance.

An important component of the AI Seed Phrase Finder project is the use of specialized hardware with graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate computations. These processors have high computational power and immense potential for processing parallel computations. This enables the program to quickly analyze and process large volumes of data, reducing the time required to perform tasks such as generation, search, and validation of seed phrases for wallet addresses.

Using cloud servers is another important aspect of the absolute superiority of the AI Seed Phrase Finder program over any similar software that can be found on the Internet and only works on the user’s PC (without using additional equipment, the user can spend weeks or even months searching for the desired seed phrases for real BTC wallets). Cloud servers provide flexibility and scalability of resources, which allows for efficient use of computing power to process a large volume of data. As a result, the program uses a large number of servers for parallel data processing, which leads to maximum speed in finding the correct seed phrase, based on the user’s specified search criteria (this is primarily necessary to ensure the program’s operation in Target search mode).

Real time process of finding seed phrases for lost BTC wallets with AI Seed Phrase Finder tool

AI Seed Phrase Finder is a powerful tool that combines mathematical algorithms and AI methods, as well as specialized equipment, including cloud servers with GPU, to achieve maximum efficiency and high speed of searching and verifying seed phrases for validity and positive balance using multiple simultaneous requests to the blockchain from different servers.

This program allows you to quickly regain lost access to your digital assets, even if you only know part of the seed phrase (for example, if you have only half of the paper on which the entire seed phrase was written, or if part of the mnemonic phrase text is damaged and cannot be identified in any way).

For a simplified understanding of the program’s operation scheme, it is worth highlighting the key terms:


  • Algorithm – this is called a clear sequence of actions, the execution of which leads to the achievement of an expected result. Simply put, it’s a set of instructions for a program that contains mechanisms for implementing a given task. This term is widely used in computer science and computer programs;
  • Methodology – is a set of actions that need to be taken to solve a given problem or achieve a specific goal.

It is also important to note that cryptocurrency is not stored in wallets. All information is recorded in the blockchain. Even if access to the wallet is lost, the data on which the funds can be used will still be stored in the shared digital chain, and control over digital assets can be obtained using a seed phrase.

From here comes the term “seed phrase”. This is a combination of characters used to recover access to a wallet. We are talking about a set of 12 words that open a private key. A list of 2048 English words is used for guessing, which are given in the document Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 3 (BIP39 standard – more about working with it later). This format is used in all popular cryptocurrency wallets, including bitcoin wallets, such as Electrum.

The seed phrase is created on the user’s device when registering a wallet. It remains unchanged throughout the entire life of the cryptocurrency wallet. At the same time, the words from the BIP39 dictionary are not connected by a common root and are not related by the first 4 characters. Therefore, the chance of guessing or guessing them is significantly reduced.

A mnemonic phrase is not just a random set of words. To gain access, you need to enter all the words in a specific sequence – the one in which it was originally created. The AI Seed Phrase Finder program performs a complex selection of these seed phrases, opening access to users’ lost wallets. The mechanism uses sophisticated algorithms and methods, allowing it to leverage all available modern resources to achieve the result.

Main algorithm of operation of the AI Seed Phrase Finder program

The algorithm of operation of the AI Seed Phrase Finder implies the use of different techniques for generating mnemonic phrases using artificial intelligence and filtering wallets with zero balance. It is necessary to highlight some features of the program:

  • Optimization of seed phrase generation. Instead of iterating through all possible combinations of words from the dictionary, the program uses an AI model that predicts the most probable sequences. It learns known dependencies between seed phrases and bitcoin wallets. This allows reducing the number of iterated combinations.
  • Parallel processing. The task is divided into several parts, which are processed simultaneously on different servers. This allows optimizing resources and finding “user-required” seed phrases faster.
  • Optimization of artificial intelligence. The program adjusts the used model, taking into account the parameters of the task. Depending on the level of complexity, simplified calculations and additional data processing methods can be used.
  • This unique software uses pre-trained models. This allows to reduce the time required for data processing and speed up the process of generating seed phrases based on already tested AI models.
  • To ensure high speed performance, AI Seed Phrase Finder program uses remote servers with graphics processing units (GPUs), which provide access to greater power and are capable of efficiently performing parallel computations, unlike central processing units (CPUs).
  • The server part of this software integrates distributed systems Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark). This allows the implementation of phrase enumeration on multiple nodes simultaneously, dividing the computational load.
  • The use of cloud servers. This provides flexibility and scalability of the system. The program can utilize multiple servers for parallel data processing when needed (especially important for fast performance in Target search mode).

Using innovative approaches and artificial intelligence, the AI Seed Phrase Finder program accelerates the process of generating and validating seed phrases. Implementing this technology requires much less time while ensuring greater computational accuracy. The program operates on a revolutionary algorithm, dividing the task into stages for maximum efficiency. Ordinary software created with outdated algorithms cannot provide the same results as the AI Seed Phrase Finder program. Given the complexity of generating mnemonic phrases, it is practically impossible to find them without a self-learning model on a regular personal computer using the programs that are already widespread on the Internet.

Algorithm of operation of the AI Seed Phrase Finder program

Basic methods of data processing by the AI Seed Phrase Finder program for finding seed phrases for wallets with “positive” balances

To find seed phrases, private and public keys, AI Seed Phrase Finder uses different methods based on artificial intelligence technologies that successfully perform complex automatic calculations without user involvement, such as:

  • Genetic algorithms;
  • Machine learning;
  • Genetic programming.

There is also an extensive list of auxiliary techniques that are applied in the calculation process. All of them are described below for clarity. The program combines and integrates various methods based on the complexity of the task and the specific parameters and search conditions.

Genetic Algorithm AI and its role in seed phrase generation

The genetic algorithm is a heuristic optimization method. It is based on the principles of natural selection and population evolution. The use of genetic algorithms allows for generating random combinations of seed phrases, evaluating their quality based on predefined criteria, and efficiently iterating the population for further selection of mnemonic phrases to recover access to Bitcoin wallets with potentially non-zero balances. The workflow of this method looks like this:

  • A “random population of seed phrases” is created, which represents certain combinations of words. These combinations are called genotypes. Then each genotype is evaluated based on a criterion such as having a positive balance in the wallet.
  • At the next step, the best genotypes are selected based on their evaluations. This is done using “selection operators” that give preference to genotypes with higher ratings.
  • Then comes the crossover operation, where the selected genotypes are combined to create a new generation of genotypes. In this process, there is an exchange of genetic information between genotypes, which allows for new combinations of seed phrases to be obtained. After crossover, the “mutation” operation occurs, which randomly modifies some genes in the genotypes of the new generation. This helps introduce diversity and explore more possible combinations of mnemonic phrases.

The process of mutation and crossover is repeated several times, creating new generations of genotypes. Each generation is evaluated, and the best genotypes are passed on to the next generation. The AI algorithm continues its computations until the specified stopping conditions are met. This is necessary to find a specific number of word combinations. The genetic algorithm allows for obtaining valid seed phrases that “unlock” access to “promising” wallets with “non-zero balances.”

An example of the genetic algorithm at work in the process of generating seed phrases by the program:

  • Suppose a database population of 100 million randomly generated seed phrases, combined from the words in the BIP-39 dictionary, is created on the server. The program needs to find a sequence of words that unlocks access to a Bitcoin wallet with a positive balance.
  • At the first stage of the calculation, each phrase from this database will be evaluated according to the specified criterion: namely, the balance of the wallet to which the combination of 12 words provides access. The possible values of the wallet balance can only be “positive” or “zero”.
  • Then the algorithm selects the “best” mnemonic phrases with positive balances for crossing. For example, let’s take two best seed phrases and cross them, exchanging parts of the genotypes.

After crossing, the mutation operation occurs, where some genes in the new genotypes are randomly changed. For example, one of the seed phrases may randomly replace one random word with another. Thus, the program creates a new generation of mnemonic phrases, which are evaluated by AI algorithms based on the balance of the wallet. The best mnemonic phrases are passed on to the next generation, and the process is repeated again. The starting point of the program module since its launch is the validation of a set of fresh seed phrase populations selected by a genetic algorithm for testing the new population of mnemonic phrases.

Genetic Algorithm AI and its role in seed phrase generation

The Role of Machine Learning Methods in AI Seed Phrase Finder Program

Machine learning methods, such as neural networks or reinforcement learning algorithms, are used to create models that can “predict the correct seed phrases” based on available data.

The process of training the model starts with a dataset containing known valid mnemonic phrases and their corresponding wallet balances. These data are divided into training and testing sets.

A neural network is created using layers of neurons that take input data, such as seed phrase words, and output a prediction (presumably the wallet balance). Neurons in the layers are connected by “weights” that determine the degree of influence each neuron has on the next layer.

During the training process, the “weights of the neural network” are adjusted in such a way as to minimize prediction error. This is achieved by optimizing the loss function, which measures the difference between predicted and actual values.

After the model training is completed, it can be used to predict non-zero wallet balances based on new seed phrases. For example, if we have generated a new mnemonic phrase, such a model can predict the likely positive balance of the wallet.

Example: Let’s say we have a dataset consisting of seed phrases and their corresponding wallet balances. We split this data into a training set (80% of the data) and a test set (20% of the data).

We are creating a neural network with multiple layers of neurons. The input layer takes seed phrase words, hidden layers process this data, and the output layer predicts that the wallet balance will be greater than zero.

Then we train the model by feeding the training dataset as input and adjusting the weights of the neural network to minimize prediction error. We repeat this process several times using an optimization method such as stochastic gradient descent.

After completing the model training, we test its accuracy on a test dataset. We feed the test dataset as input to the model and compare the predicted balances with the actual values. For example, the model predicts a probable “positive” wallet balance for a seed phrase and compares it to the actual balance in the Bitcoin wallet.

Application of Genetic Programming in AI Seed Phrase Finder

Genetic programming is a method that uses genetic algorithms to evolve AI generator module programs that can create new seed phrases. This method allows for the automatic generation and improvement of existing seed phrases without manual tuning.

The process of genetic programming starts with creating a random population of programs that can generate seed phrases. Programs are represented as trees, where each node represents an operation or function.

Next, each program is evaluated based on a pre-defined criterion, such as checking the wallet balance for a balance greater than zero. Programs that generate seed phrases with positive balances receive higher scores.

Next, the crossover operation takes place, where the selected programs are combined by exchanging parts of their trees. For example, one program can pass its mnemonic phrase generation function to another program.

After crossover, the mutation operation occurs, where some parts of the trees in the new programs are randomly changed. For example, one of the programs can randomly add a new operation to its tree.


Overview of other methods used to generate valid seed phrases

There are also other methods used in the AI Seed Phrase Finder program to generate seed phrases associated with Bitcoin wallets containing a positive balance. These methods are combined and complement the main models to achieve the best result. For example, the AI Seed Phrase Finder program can use a generator to create new seed phrases. Then, the generated database is loaded into a neural network. Using machine learning, the program evaluates the results and selects the best phrases. As a result, the trained model becomes capable of predicting suitable combinations to regain access to Bitcoin wallets.

During the program’s operation, these methods intersect with each other to achieve the desired result:

  • Using neural networks. Mostly this model is applied in machine learning algorithms. For example, neural networks help create a model that evaluates the probability of a combination being a “correct” seed phrase, giving access to a cryptocurrency wallet balance. Usually, significant amounts of information are used for AI training. The system, considering the given parameters, independently finds complex patterns and dependencies. Then they are used to select the correct word sequences.
  • Optimization algorithms. These include the previously described genetic algorithm. There are also optimization options using gradient descent, evolutionary strategies. All the algorithms involved work towards one goal – searching for optimal combinations of words in seed phrases.
  • Natural Language Processing. The system analyzes natural speech forms, dictionaries, and sources. This helps process text information from which seed phrases will be generated. The program uses a methodology to create a model that can subsequently assess the probabilities of “success” for each combination (for example, whether it can be a key to access a cryptocurrency wallet balance).
  • Deep Learning. The methodology uses neural networks to create a comprehensive system. The ready-made model is capable of analyzing and understanding the structure and semantics of seed phrases. It differs from ordinary neural network-based learning in a deeper approach. The system helps find valid seed phrases. Thanks to deep learning, the program can automatically identify matching features from the database and generate ready-made result forecasts.
  • Evolutionary strategies are considered one of the methods of optimization, which uses the process of natural selection. It is a part of genetic programming, implying the search for necessary seed phrases by improving the gene pool of the population using genetic operators. Evolutionary strategies help efficiently explore the space of possible seed phrases and find the best combinations of words.
  • Analysis of dictionaries and texts is well combined with natural language processing. A significant amount of textual information is loaded into the model: books, articles, internet pages. Artificial intelligence processes popular words and their sequences, from which seed phrases, which the user used independently when creating their bitcoin wallet, can be composed with a high probability (for example, a seed phrase consisting of the names of biblical apostles: “peter andrew james john philip bartholomew thomas matthew alphaeuthaddaeus simon judas” or a seed phrase consisting of the names of planets in the solar system: “mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune”).
  • Semantic analysis: AI uses natural language processing methods to determine the semantic relationship between words and create models that evaluate the likelihood of certain combinations of words being a seed phrase, as in the previous example.
  • Social analysis: AI uploads and checks data from social networks, forums, or other online platforms to identify popular topics, interests, or user preferences. As with other variations, a ready-made database is used for further machine learning and selecting promising word combinations for seed phrase generation.
  • Cluster analysis: The system divides information into cohesive clusters. Why is it necessary to divide phrases into similarity groups? This helps to identify patterns and the most frequently occurring word combinations in already known valid seed phrases.
  • Analyzing old wallets with zero balances. The program reads information from the database. Analyzing known Bitcoin wallets with publicly available data. This helps to identify patterns in mnemonic phrases that can be used to search for “seed phrases” for previously unknown wallets with positive balances.
  • Using dictionaries and databases. Another element of natural language processing. Dictionaries and databases containing known seed phrases and their associated sequences are loaded into the program. For example, the system can check generated combinations for compliance with known patterns or use samples to search for similar values.
  • Pattern analysis. AI analyzes ready-made patterns and regularities in loaded databases. The program can search for recurring combinations of words that are often found in previously known wallets with balances.
  • Using parallel computing. The methodology has already been described above and involves dividing the process into several parts. Calculation with simultaneous loading is carried out by a multitude of modern “ASICs” and cloud servers with GPUs.
  • Caching results: AI Seed Phrase Finder may use caching of previous computation results to speed up subsequent requests. For example, if the program has previously checked a seed phrase and found that the wallet it unlocks does not have a positive balance, the result of this check is saved in the cache. When the same seed phrase is queried again, the program can immediately return the saved result, bypassing the need for another check. (Caching is reset after program restarts, as there may have been changes in the wallet balance during that time).
  • Optimization of execution time. The system reduces the time required to implement all algorithms. This makes it easier to search for seed phrases, as the calculation is faster. For example, the program can use efficient data structures or complexity reduction algorithms to speed up the process.
  • Adaptive parameter tuning: The program uses adaptive tuning of algorithm parameters during execution. For example, it can dynamically adjust the parameters of algorithms depending on the characteristics of input data or the current system state. This allows optimizing the performance and efficiency of the program in real-time, which is crucial for the user.

These methods and AI algorithms are constantly being combined, which is why the AI Seed Phrase Finder program is unique in that it is able to work with ready-made models that are flexible and allow for the expected user result to be achieved in the shortest possible time.

In the end, the described program is a powerful tool that combines AI algorithms and methods with the support of cloud servers with GPUs to achieve maximum speed in generating valid mnemonic phrases that grant access to Bitcoin wallets.

Overview of other methods used to generate valid seed phrases using AI

How does the “Target search” module work to search seed phrases according to specified criteria?

The “Target search” module is available to users with the corresponding type of license, according to the pricing plans described in the “Cost” section. This mode is designed to search for seed phrases based on user-specified conditions in the search form. The program also works using familiar modules: generator and validator to select a complete seed phrase consisting of 12 words, if the user specified only the address of the bitcoin wallet of interest and only 6 words in the correct sequence from the mnemonic phrase to this bitcoin wallet.

The “Target AI search” module uses methods and algorithms of artificial intelligence described earlier to generate the most probable combinations of words in the seed phrase. This allows speeding up the search process and increasing the accuracy of results. AI algorithms are used to analyze and process large amounts of data, identify patterns, and make decisions based on this data.

In this case, the “AI_Target_Search_Mode” uses AI to generate all possible combinations of the remaining 6 words in the incomplete seed phrase. Then, with the help of the validator module, each generated combination is checked for validity. If a combination is valid, the module checks the Bitcoin wallet using the obtained seed phrase through the blockchain and checks the correspondence of the existing wallet address with the user-specified address in the search conditions.description of the program interface in the Targeted search for seed phrases using several words mode

Using AI allows speeding up the search process, as AI algorithms efficiently process large amounts of data and make decisions based on this information. In addition, AI is used for data analysis and processing, which helps improve the accuracy of “correct seed phrases” search results.

The work of the module “AI_Target_Search_Mode” is implemented in the AI Seed Phrase Finder program as follows:

  • Getting the source data: The user provides the address of the Bitcoin wallet of interest, a minimum of 6 words from the seed phrase in the correct sequence. The user can also specify additional words known to him that are part of the seed phrase and are in random order.
  • Creating a list of possible combinations: The generator module applies the previously described methods to create a list of all possible combinations from the remaining words that need to be selected.
  • Combination iteration: The “AI_Target_Search_Mode” starts iterating through the combinations from the list, substituting them for the missing words in the seed phrase using the validator.
  • Combination validity check: Each generated combination is checked by the validator module, which verifies if the resulting seed phrase is valid.
  • Address check: If the generated combination passes the validator’s check, the “AI_Target_Search_Mode” module uses the obtained seed phrase to create a Bitcoin wallet and checks if the resulting address matches the user’s desired address.
  • Check address accuracy: The checker module connects to the blockchain and verifies that the address matches the one provided by the user in the search conditions. If there is an exact match, the found seed phrase is considered complete and valid, and it will be displayed in the program’s corresponding log and written to the “Target_FinderGen.log” text file located in the “Output” folder, which is located in the root directory with the program’s executable file.
  • Final step with output results: If a complete and valid seed phrase is found, the “AI_Target_Search_Mode” displays it to the user, and the program’s operation in this mode is considered complete. To search for the next mnemonic phrase according to the user’s conditions, the program needs to be restarted.

How to find all the words of a mnemonic phrase with AI seed Phrase finder if only a few words are known?

Why is the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC using AI better than any other brute-force method?

The AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool, based on artificial intelligence, has several advantages compared to any other brute-force method programs:

  • Efficiency: The AI Seed Phrase Finder program uses machine learning algorithms and neural networks to optimize the process of seed phrase detection. It can train on large volumes of data and identify patterns, enabling it to work more efficiently and quickly than the brute-force method.
  • Reduced search time: AI Seed Phrase Finder can use pre-existing data on seed phrases to optimize the search process. It successfully takes into account the probability of certain words being used in seed phrases, which reduces search time and increases the chances of finding a valid seed phrase.
  • Adaptability: The AI Seed Phrase Finder program can learn and adapt to new data and changing conditions. It is capable of improving its algorithms and search strategies based on acquired experience, which allows it to become more efficient and accurate over time.
  • Calculation of picking speed: Accurate calculations of the speed of picking seed phrases on the same equipment depend on various factors, including the complexity of the mnemonic phrase, the number of possible combinations, the power of the equipment, and the efficiency of the program. However, thanks to optimization and the use of AI, the AI Seed Phrase Finder program can significantly speed up the search process compared to other software products that use brute-force methods to perform the task. For example, it can use preliminary data to narrow down the search range and reduce the number of combinations, resulting in an increase in picking speed.

In general, the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool, based on artificial intelligence, offers a more efficient and optimized approach to finding a seed phrase and checking wallet balance. It can significantly reduce search time and increase the chances of successfully finding a seed phrase, making it superior to other programs that rely on the brute-force method of generating combinations of words that make up a seed phrase.

Let’s take a closer look at the methods used by the AI Seed Phrase Finder program in the seed phrase generation process and explain their importance.

  • Recurrent neural networks (RNN) are used for processing sequential data, such as text. They capture dependencies and context between the words in seed phrases, allowing the AI Seed Phrase Finder to generate the most likely mnemonic phrases that unlock bitcoin wallets with a positive balance.
  • Convolutional neural networks (CNN) are used for processing images with text data found on the internet. They efficiently detect local patterns and features in the text, helping the AI Seed Phrase Finder generate valid seed phrases with maximum probability.
  • Deep learning uses deep neural networks to extract high-level features from previously obtained data, helping the AISeedFinder program find more complex and hidden patterns in seed phrases, improving the preliminary quality and accuracy of word combinations before verification by the validator module.
  • The software complex uses evolutionary programming methods to search for optimal AI model parameters and improve their performance and accuracy.
  • AI SeedFinder uses Bayesian networks to predict the probability of certain word combinations appearing in seed phrases based on constantly updated statistical data obtained during the generation of new word combinations.
  • The Support Vector Machine (SVM) method is used for classifying seed phrases based on their features and properties, while clustering algorithms are used for classifying seed phrases based on similar characteristics using collected information, allowing for more efficient processing and analysis of large volumes of data.
  • The “Decision Trees” method is used for classifying data based on a series of logical decisions. In the AI Seed Phrase Finder program, the decision trees method is applied for classifying seed phrases based on their features and properties, and then random forest algorithms combine multiple decision trees to improve the accuracy of data classification, allowing the AI Seed Phrase Finder program to increase the accuracy of predictions when selecting words for generating valid “mnemonic phrases” for wallets with a probable positive balance.

All of these methods are important tools of the AI Seed Phrase Finder complex and allow it to effectively process and analyze incredibly large volumes of data to search for “useful” seed phrases for the user. Combining different methods and approaches allows achieving maximum performance and program responsiveness.

User reviews about the effectiveness of the AISeed Finder program’s work will hardly be found on the internet, as nobody would want to de-anonymize their identity for confidentiality reasons and publish a report on finding a seed phrase for a wallet with a significant amount of BTC balance on social networks. In this case, it doesn’t really matter whether this user was the original owner of such a wallet or if they obtained the initial data for guessing the seed phrase from third parties…

For quite understandable reasons, no user of the program will want to claim that they were able to become an owner of a certain amount of cryptocurrency using this “software”. But despite this, the program AI Seed Phrase Finder BTC Balance Checker Tool for Windows PC is being discussed on the most authoritative Bitcoin Forum in the world, “”.

AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool for Windows PC - Description of software

How is the Security and Confidentiality of user data ensured in the AI Seed Phrase Finder program?

The AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool ensures complete confidentiality and security of the results of all modules that the user sees in the logs of the generator, validator, and checker.

AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC Checker Tool consists of two main components: a client part installed on the user’s computer and a server part running on virtual servers. The client part of the program provides the user with a graphical interface for entering input data for searching for a seed phrase in “Target search” mode and starting the search process. Also, the program is responsible for encrypting and transferring data between the client and server parts. The client part uses a license key to ensure the security and confidentiality of user data.

The main part of the program is located on virtual servers, where with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, generation, processing and analysis of mnemonic phrases necessary for restoring access to the user’s Bitcoin wallet of interest takes place. The server part uses powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence to ensure a fast search process with the maximum possible speed.

During program execution, the client-side decrypts the data received from the servers using a secret key generated with the help of the login and license key during the first launch of the program on the user’s computer. It is important to note that the license key plays a key role in ensuring the security of user data. It is used for encrypting and decrypting the data transmitted between the client and server parts, preventing unauthorized access to the data and unauthorized use of the program by third parties without a license.

To ensure the confidentiality of each user’s results, the program uses data encryption technology. Each module operates in an isolated environment, where all data, including generated seed phrases, verified addresses, and intermediate results, is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms.

The main actions for mass generation, validation, and checking for positive balances on wallets are performed on remote high-tech equipment. In fact, it is a whole cluster of servers with high performance and powerful computational resources. This equipment is specially configured to efficiently perform all necessary operations.

On your computer, the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool provides you with convenient logs of module work and data encryption/decryption. This means that you can see the program’s results, but the main data processing occurs on remote equipment. Therefore, your computer is not heavily burdened and does not require significant computational resources to perform all operations.

It is important to note that all transmitted data between your computer and remote equipment is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms with the use of a license key. This ensures the security and protection of your data from unauthorized access. Thanks to the license key and a special data encryption algorithm, the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool securely protects all the results obtained during the program’s operation on your computer, which the user can view in the logs located in the “output” directory.

Thus, you can be confident in the complete confidentiality and security of your data when using the AI Seed Phrase Finder & BTC balance checker tool. All module results are available only to you, and only you will be able to use the list of mnemonic phrases to access real Bitcoin wallets with positive balances on them.

How Bitcoin Wallets Are Hacked by Guessing Mnemonic Phrases with the AI Seed Phrase Finder

Resources Used by the Program and Types of Licenses

  • Resource Allocation: The AI Seed Phrase Finder program utilizes modern equipment capable of processing a large volume of data simultaneously. Each user is allocated a certain amount of resources, such as processor time and memory, to perform the task of finding “plus phrases”. This means that each user receives enough resources for the program to work efficiently, regardless of the number of users.
  • Scalability: The hardware on which the AI Seed Phrase Finder software runs is capable of scaling, meaning it can increase its performance and resources according to the needs. If the number of users increases, the program can automatically adapt and allocate more resources to process tasks for each user. This ensures a stable and efficient operation of the program regardless of the number of users and the type of license they have.
  • Algorithm Optimization: The AI Seed Phrase Finder development team constantly works on optimizing the search algorithms to ensure fast and accurate program operation. This allows for efficient use of allocated resources and achieves high performance, even with a large number of users.
  • Resource Planning: The AI Seed Phrase Finder team takes care to allocate sufficient resources to each user for the task of seed phrase search. They carefully plan and manage resources to ensure even distribution and prevent system overload.

In the “Light” license package, each user is allocated a small amount of computational resources on servers for the task of search, known as “plus seed phrases.” These resources also include CPU time and memory.

In the “Premium” license package, each user is allocated more resources for more demanding tasks, such as ensuring the operation of the “Target search” module mentioned earlier.

In both packages, the AI Seed Phrase Finder program is capable of scaling and automatically adapting to the number of users. This means that if the number of users increases, the program attempts to allocate more resources to process tasks for each user, in order to ensure the overall stable and efficient operation of the program.

Comparison of program performance based on computer resource consumption by two versions of the program

Cost of License and system requirements for running AI Seed Phrase Finder on a Windows PC

The cost of using the program is determined by the type of license purchased by the user from the manager through the Telegram messenger:

By purchasing any type of license to use the downloaded AI Seed Phrase Finder software, the user pays for the rental of computing equipment, more specifically for a certain package of functions and computing power necessary for the normal functioning of the program in the selected tariff plan.

Only 2 versions of the program with different license keys can run on one computer. It is recommended to use the program continuously for the best results.

As you may have noticed in the video presented at the beginning of this article, the AI Seed Phrase Finder program supports working with several types of licenses for using this software product:

  • The “Light” license type implies that the program only works in AI Mode, which allows you to find seed phrases for wallets with positive balances, but not very quickly. The “Light” license type implies using the program with a small amount of computational resources of the equipment on which this software complex runs. The “Light” version is a kind of demo version of the program, with the help of which you will be able to find a sufficient number of seed phrases with positive balances during the period of using this license type.

The cost of the “Light” license is 128 USDT per month.

  • The “Premium AI mode” license allows you to use the bulk search mode for wallets with positive balances at the maximum possible speed, so for this type of license, a sufficient amount of resources is allocated to comfortably and efficiently use the program in terms of the total number of found positive seed phrases for the license period. Based on developer statistics, this type of license allows for achieving tens of times more and faster positive seed phrases than using the “Light” license.

The cost of the “Premium AI mode” license is 512 USDT per month.

  • Tariff “Premium with Target search mode” includes all the features of the “Premium” version. This type of license has the highest priority in the distribution of computing power required for a fast enough search for a seed phrase under the “limited search conditions” set by the user. It includes all available program features and high performance, which is achieved by allocating the maximum allowable computing resources of the existing equipment. This mode is necessary for people who want to regain access to lost cryptocurrency assets using partial source data for the search procedure. Using this type of license is necessary only if the user is sure in advance that regaining access to the wallet of interest will allow him to acquire funds that have significant market value at the moment.

The cost of a Premium license with “Target search mode” is 1256 USDT per month.

If you are interested in testing this Program, than get from manager the Bitcoin address to pay for the type of license you have chosen! After payment will be done, send a screenshot of Transaction or TxID than you will receive a link to download program with License key.

Download AI seed finder software


To run the program, it is recommended to use a computer with a dual-core processor clocked at a minimum of 1.6 GHz. It is also necessary to have 4 GB of RAM for the 64-bit version or 2 GB of RAM for the 32-bit version.

The program requires at least 40 GB of free space on the hard disk to store generator and validator logs. Additionally, a display and graphics subsystem are necessary for proper program display and functionality.

The AI Seed Phrase Finder program is compatible with Windows operating systems version 7 and later. To ensure stable program operation, a stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 20 Mbit/sec is also required.

Recommendations from developers of AI Seed Phrase Finder

Some developer tips you should know when using AI Seed Phrase Finder:

  • It is strongly recommended to create a bitcoin wallet to deposit funds received from the program. It is important to supplement the seed phrase with custom words to enhance the security of your assets. An example of how this can be done is shown in the video published earlier in this article.
  • When the “balance checker” module reports finding a mnemonic phrase for a bitcoin wallet with a positive balance, it is recommended to immediately make a decision about the further actions with this wallet in order to avoid a situation where the found cryptocurrency assets can be transferred to another bitcoin address. There is no need to explain possible reasons!
  • It is recommended to ensure uninterrupted program operation for best results, as the starting point of the AI Seed Phrase Finder is associated with the use of pre-trained models based on genetic algorithms, which saves time and computational resources required to train the model from scratch. Since each time the program is run, the set obtained from the use of the genetic algorithm is validated against previously successful seed phrase populations selected by the neural network for testing the new population of mnemonic phrases. As a result, the longer the program runs continuously, the more often it manages to find “positive seed phrases”.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection to avoid program system failures, and if possible, use a uninterrupted power supply.
  • You should take into account the fact that only two versions of the AI Seed Phrase Finder program can be used simultaneously on one computer. Therefore, in order to get the maximum benefit from the Light version, which is less productive than the Premium options, and also since it uses a lot of computer resources, and this creates certain restrictions for the user, we recommend ensuring that the Light version of the program runs continuously on the remote computer. To do this, we recommend using RDP technology, which is described in detail on the Microsoft website. This will ensure continuous operation of the program and provide the opportunity to monitor the results of the program at any time, even using a smartphone. So, in order for the program to continue working from the place where it was stopped, you need to stop the program using the “Stop” button and click “Save” in the “Project” tab. After this, you need to copy the “user” folder and transfer it to the RDP server in the folder with the program. Now you can launch it and now you do not need to go through the registration procedure, but only need to log in and launch the program. It will continue working from where it stopped. Now you can continue to do your favorite activities and periodically log into the RDP server, even using a smartphone, and observe the results of the program no matter where you are.

Monitoring program operation remotely using RDPYou can now use this powerful AI seed phrase generator with real time balance checker tool and crack much number of lost and abandoned Bitcoin wallets.

AI powered software “Bulk Generator Private Keys for Bitcoin addresses” powered by Supercomputer with AI

An additional module to the main AI Seed Phrase Finder program, which allows you to generate private keys and the full BTC address based on a given Bitcoin address pattern.

This allows you to find private keys to BTC addresses previously created by other peoples with “Bitcoin Vanity Address” method. So, you can independently use service Vanity Bitcoin address generator  found on the Internet software (works even without an Internet connection) to independently generate a Bitcoin address according to the desired pattern, but, this requires a significant amount of time and computing power.

To do this, the program, using the power of a rented Supercomputer () and GPU servers with hardware configured for these tasks, generates an infinite number of addresses and private keys for them, which allows you to literally select the key to the Bitcoin address of interest.

✔️But the most interesting thing is that the “balance checking module” is capable of checking with High speed, using private keys to the accompanying addresses obtained based on a given template, the presence of a balance on these Bitcoin wallets and displaying them in the “program log” and, of course, saving them in a text file

✔️Our AI-based software ⚙️ performs similar tasks with “mind-blowing speed” and allows you to generate a private key to a full Bitcoin address. Watch video how it works.

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